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Plug-And-Play OpenAL / AVFoundation Sound Engine For iPhone Apps

5 months ago

526 words

I recently found a great sound engine for iPhone applications that is pretty much plug-and-play. OpenAL lets you play multiple sounds at once This sound engine was written by Alex Restrepo under a creative commons attribution-share alike licence, so you are free to use it so long as you attribute the code to the author…

Visualize Your Version Control System With Gource

5 months ago

342 words

I recently discovered the Gource open source project which has been around for a few years. It allows you to easily visualize the history of your projects version control system. To use Gource, you install it on your computer and then run it from the command line in your version controlled directory. I found the…


5 months ago

105 words

Pachube is a web service that enables you to connect, tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices, buildings and environments around the world. PachubeMon is a utility app for the iPhone that lets you manage and view your Pachube feeds all in one place. The main page allows you to add and…

Create An Ad-Hoc Network For TouchOSC On Your Mac

5 months ago

718 words

After coding for iPhone for the last month and a half, I figured it was time I finally got one of the coveted devices for myself. This week I have been having fun setting it up, checking my email, and browsing the app store. They really are a marvel of technology and raise my expectaions in terms of elegance…

Sequencing Modular Synth Drum Modules From Ableton Live

5 months ago

681 words

Below is described a sequencing solution for modular drum modules using Ableton Live, a custom Max4Live device that converts MIDI notes to CC gates, and a MIDI to CV interface that can convert MIDI CC to CV. If you just want to grab the Note2CCGate Max4Live device you can grab on my server here or from here.…

iPhone Camera Overlay App With Custom Button Example

5 months ago

867 words

There seems to be a lot of interest recently in making apps that use a camera view with an overlay for augmented reality or what some might call pseudo-augmented reality applications (because often these apps just layer an image or data on a camera view). I wasn’t satisfied with the few examples I found on…