Ableton Live 9 And Push Controller

The wait will be over soon, or soonish. A week after a leaked video showing features of Live 9 we have an official announcement of Live 9 from Ableton.

New features include:

Record automation into session view clips (finally!)
Curved automation (finally!)
Convert harmony, melody and drums to MIDI (!!!)
New Browser
More sounds
Glue Compressor (made in conjunction with Cytomic, too bad I already own The Glue…)
Improved EQ8
New displays on EQ8, Gate and Compressor
New MIDI clip editing features
Max4Live speed improvements
New Max4Live devices, lots of them, including:
an LFO you can assign to other devices (yes!!)
new drum synth instruments
MIDI echo
an improved Step Sequencer
an improved Buffer Shuffler
convolution reverb

Not only will we be getting Live 9 in Q1 2013 but they have teamed with Akai to make a new custom Ableton controller, Ableton Push. This controller looks to be tightly integrated with Live 9 in a way reminiscent of Native Instruments Maschine with its software.

The most apparent feature is the big colourful grid of buttons but they aren’t just buttons, these are actually pads that are velocity and pressure sensitive. Natch.

For the full details on Ableton Push check out the website they have created for it here. This thing has a lot of power packed into it.

Looks to me to be very promising to be the controller with the best workflow for Live. Glad I have held off on Maschine

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