Three New Modules & A Demo

Today I received a Synthesis Technology E350 morphing Terrarium, a MakeNoise Optomoix Low Pass gate and a Rebel Technology Στοιχεῖα (Stoicheia, or Elements) dual Euclidean Sequencer. I am in modular heaven.

Here is a moody patch I just recorded making use of all three of these.

The E350 is a wavetable synth that allows you to modulate independently by row and column through an 8 by 8 grid of waveforms and there are 3 different banks of waveforms to choose from. There is also a secondary output that can linearly scan through all 64 waves which can also be modulated. I used both outputs of an MFB Dual LFO to modulate the X and Y (row and column) inputs. Each of the LFO outputs was a triangle set to a low frequency with lots of cross modulation. I ran them through an Intellijel uAtt before the E350 to get the movement through the wave tables that I wanted.

I used the Stoicheia to sequence two TipTop Z3000mkIIs, one going through a TipTop Z2040 and the other feeding into the Optomix which I was pinging with the Euclidean sequencer. Though I kept the sequencing very simple in this patch I think this is going to be a really useful and fun module. I also finally see what everyone is talking about with Low Pass Gates. I love the percussive sound I am getting with the Optomix.

Effects used are a Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator and an El Capistan dTape Delay.

Excited to go deeper with these modules.

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