Ableton Tip: Use Utility To Automate Track Level, Mute And Pan

Often when finalizing a mix I find myself automating volume, pan, and mute settings on an individual track. Though you can do this by editing the Mixer envelopes in the Arrange View there is a downside to doing this. A good example of why this can be problematic can be seen when you automate the Track Volume of a Mixer and then find that you want to adjust the volume of the entire track. At that point you either have to go through and edit your entire automation envelope or you would need to place a Utility device at the end of your device chain for that track and adjust its gain knob. The former is a pain in the butt and the later is kind of a hack because ideally you would like to still be able to use the mute, pan and volume controls of the MixerThe solution to this is to put a Utility device at the end of your device chain for the track and to automate the mute, panorama and gain of the Utility rather than your Mixer. This way you can still adjust the volume, pan and mute settings using your Mixer. This can be really handy to bring the entire level of a track up or down, to mute it completely or to position the entire track in the stereo field.This tip has saved me a lot of time editing envelopes and has given me more flexibility in adjusting my mixes. I hope you find it useful.

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