Xcode 4.2 Build Error: “iPhone apps should include an armv6 architecture”

If you are getting the following Xcode build error then this post is for you:

warning: iPhone apps should include an armv6 architecture (current ARCHS = “armv7″)

iOS apps prior to 4.3 use the armv6 architecture and will run on 3G and later iOS devices including iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPad 3.2, and iPad 4.2 whereas iOS 4.3 and later apps use the armv6 or armv7 architectures. If your app has a deployment target less than iOS 4.3 and you have not included the armv6 architecture then you will get this build error.

To remedy this do the following:

1. Click on your project in the Groups and Files pane on the left and select your project on the right (above your target).

2. Click on the Build Settings tab and then look at the Architectures group in the list of settings.


3. Next, you need to edit this setting so that it includes both armv6 and armv7. Start by clicking on the setting and choosing Other…


4. Now click the “+” button and enter “armv6” in the new text field and then select Done.


3. Also make sure that your Base SDK is set to Latest iOS (iOS 5), your Build Active Architecture Only is set to NO and that Valid Architectures is set to “armv6 armv7”.

Here is what it should like when you are done:


Now you should be good to build your project or at least not including armv6 won’t be holding you up anymore.

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