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PachubeMon Now Available On The App Store

4 weeks ago

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I am happy to announce that my Pachube feed organizer/viewer application PachubeMon is now available as a free download on the App Store. It was also announced on the Pachube blog on Monday. Pachube is a web service available at that enables you to connect, tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices,…

A Trio Of Tracks

4 weeks ago

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Keeping with the theme of threes, I just put up three new tracks on Soundcloud that I recorded this summer. I figured as fall is arriving here already it was time to get them out. Brane Space and Something Familiar are both essentially modular patches that I then added to and arranged in Live. Both…

A Cat, A Synthesizer & Outer Space (and a couple modular patches)

4 weeks ago

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I’m not sure of the origin of the meme but anyone that delves into the world of synthesis online will eventually come face to face with the slightly bizarre phenomena of photos of cats and synthesizers. I am most aware of this meme from the great modular synth community at Muff Wiggler where there is…

Pocari Sweat – Live Analog Studio Synth Jam

4 weeks ago

111 words

A foreboding banger for a late, hot night with lots of reverb curtesy of my new Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator pedal. Tiptop Audio drum modules. Roland HS-60 doing a big washy pad with plenty of Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator. Yamaha CS-10 doing the main lead. Other parts provided by Tiptop Audio Z3000s through a Doepfer…

How To Invert A Modular Synth Signal Using Boolean Logic With An Intellijel Plog

4 weeks ago

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Sometimes with a modular system made up of modules from different manufacturers, or when integrating with other external analogue gear, it is necessary to invert a signal to get your modules speaking to each other in the desired way. Other times you may want to invert a signal for some creative patch you are building.…

Ableton Tip: Use Utility To Automate Track Level, Mute And Pan

4 weeks ago

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Often when finalizing a mix I find myself automating volume, pan, and mute settings on an individual track. Though you can do this by editing the Mixer envelopes in the Arrange View there is a downside to doing this. A good example of why this can be problematic can be seen when you automate the…